Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My attempt at a journal page.  This morning at work, there was a humungous swarm of bees on the light pole.  So, a beekeeper was called.  His sister was visiting, so she came along with him.  He cut a semi-circle from a piece of cardboard, and used it to scrape the bees off the pole into a box he had ready.  Well, his first scrape missed the box, and the bees fell into a pile on the ground! Really strange to me! They were almost like liquid. 
They started clustering back on the pole, so he just continued scraping, and eventually got most of them in the box.  He sealed it shut, and put it in his truck. But- as they got ready to leave, I saw his sister putting on his white overcoat and hood.  I guess she didn't want to chance riding with any loose bees, and I don't blame her!
It was a first for me, and it was fascinating!

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