Saturday, December 24, 2011

Julia Kay's Portrait Party December 20112012

Julia Kay's Portrait Party is a virtual party where the members draw each other. There are some wonderful portraits in the group by some fantastic artists. I am having fun stretching my art capabilities! Check it out, you might want to try it!
You can see the portraits I have done with the links to the original photos here:
Here are my attempts so far, from first attempt at the top to the most recent ones completed at the bottom here:

2011.12.05 neil.davidson

2011.12.09 Marty Harris

2011.12.12 Mia Agliotti

2011.12.18 Nora Ilva

2011.12.23 Dan Duffy

2011.12.24 Rodrick
I'd like to think I have improved a bit over 20 days and 7 sketches!
Oh, here is another one completed in December-

2011.12.09 Duncan Creamer
2011.12.28 Skii Chung

2012.01.01 Rippleberry Jazz/ Tom Lambie

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Christmas

Thought I'd add the snow-family seen at my brother's home on Christmas day!
I finally made the art for my Christmas cards!  Am I too late? :) 
Think I just barely made it, now to print and send...
By the way, this is a sketch of my tree this year, it's also the first one
in my larger moleskin sketchbook.  I didn't think I could fit all the
detail on my smaller one.
As it was, I only showed about half of them!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

20111030 Townhouse view

A view of the San Francisco Bay from our townhouse in Sausalito. A lovely rental with easy access to town.

20111030 Kendall Jackson vineyard

A very orange display of pumpkins at the Kendall Jackson vineyard in Sonoma at Halloween.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

20111101 San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden

One of several statues in a lovely tea garden!

0111020 Lahaina Maui Banyan tree

The oldest Banyan tree in the US at Lahaina, Maui. Planted in 1873,it covers nearly an acre and is 60 ft. high.  Now that's a tree!

20111019 Wailea Beach Maui

We saw a truly romantic wedding setting, getting their photo taken on the very rocky beach.I did wonder if he carried her over the pointed rocks!