Saturday, December 24, 2011

Julia Kay's Portrait Party December 20112012

Julia Kay's Portrait Party is a virtual party where the members draw each other. There are some wonderful portraits in the group by some fantastic artists. I am having fun stretching my art capabilities! Check it out, you might want to try it!
You can see the portraits I have done with the links to the original photos here:
Here are my attempts so far, from first attempt at the top to the most recent ones completed at the bottom here:

2011.12.05 neil.davidson

2011.12.09 Marty Harris

2011.12.12 Mia Agliotti

2011.12.18 Nora Ilva

2011.12.23 Dan Duffy

2011.12.24 Rodrick
I'd like to think I have improved a bit over 20 days and 7 sketches!
Oh, here is another one completed in December-

2011.12.09 Duncan Creamer
2011.12.28 Skii Chung

2012.01.01 Rippleberry Jazz/ Tom Lambie

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