Monday, January 2, 2012

From Estonia with love

Reference photos for these sketches can be found on an amazing motorcycle ride report:
A young couple from Estonia took a motorcycle trip around the world.  It took them several years, and they kept a blog on the Adventure riders website.  Margus and Karlina traveled 170,000 km over 1,126 days, and traveled through 70 countries.  The photographs are what dazzled me - the quality, and the content - they have fantastic images of people, places and things they encountered.  I do not presume that my sketches are anywhere close to the quality of their photos, just that I was touched by them.  So, here are a couple - just a start.  I received their permission to post these.
If you have some time, stop by and read their report - you won't be bored!
Ship on dry land, Cap Blanc, Mauritania

Mexico, San Cristobal de las casas native

Another sketch from their fantastic photos...
Turkana tribeswoman in Kenya


Johan said...

Just offering a helping hand... the advrider link above isn't correct.
Try this one instead:

Claire M said...

Wonderful 'people' sketches! I'm always so intimidated at the thought of capturing a person. These look so relaxed. Very nice.

ArtbyBernadette said...

Thank you Claire! I having been having more fun than I thought I would. It was intimidating at first, now I'm starting to get the 'feel' of things. Also, I don't publish the ones that came out too terrible!