Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 Mexico

Packing for my trip!

As a (so-called) artist, it's fun to visualize what you'll be wearing on a trip! It was especially difficult to imagine hot and sunny before we left upstate New York!

My new Schminke orange tee!
Back to the same resort as last year!  Very relaxing, hot and sunny, visited the Tulum ruins again, kayaked this time.  Although others tried it, no ziplining for me!
Aventura Spa Palace
Statue in the gardens

Oversized chess set - the pieces were nearly two feet tall!

In case of fire...
 At our resort, these were the actual fire-fighting uniforms and equipment that would be used.

A marvelous view of the ocean from the ruins at Tulum

And I returned home to find this little welcome home from the TSA.  Not sure I feel any safer...
Why was the zipper pull completely broken off an easily opened, empty side pocket on my luggage?