Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Skirmisher

“The Skirmisher” by Robert Aitken was dedicated in 1925 to the veterans of the Spanish-American War. It has been moved to various locations in this intersection at least three times. A time capsule was recovered during a move in 1996.
A quick sketch, it looked like rain so I'll add color later.
Here he is with color added!


Since they really did a number on my luggage last trip, and with the shoulder issues, I decided to treat myself to new free-wheeling baggage. It is the coolest shade of purple/ fuschia.  Please, baggage handlers, be careful with these pretties!
Hey, I will be in the Naples, Florida area shortly, and look forward to bravely sketching in public!  Any sketching recommendations for this area?

Yantic Cemetery

  From photos taken during a walk with my sister during my visit earlier this year. I really appreciate how loved ones are remembered in cemeteries.

White roses

This is one of my very few efforts to sketch in ink first, and not use pencil. It's rather scary, but fun!

What I wore...

I wore this to a wedding back in March.  Just now getting around to posting it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walkin in the rain

I *really* wanted to walk today, and the weather station said it wouldn't rain until 1pm. Well, I needed to clean the kitchen, and by the time I finished, it had started to sprinkle. Stubborn me, I thought, I'll just bring my umbrella, no big deal. But...the rain started coming down more and more. I finished my walk, came home and got into dry clothes, and decided to journal the day. You see, even though I got soaked, I was lucky to see a duck not often seen around here. A common merganser, I think, although I'm no expert. For me, it was worth getting wet! So how was your Sunday?