Sunday, March 31, 2013

Laguna Beach

I recently travelled to Laguna Beach, CA for a marketing seminar - the place we stayed at was gorgeous!  I loved that I could hear the ocean at night - hey, it sounded just like the app on my phone!

The beach - right outside my room!

Laguna Motor Werks - old gas pump

We had an extra afternoon to visit the nearby mission at San Juan Capistrano. No swallows were there yet, but we did see 2 hummingbirds.  They were flitting about, but stopped often to rest in a tree.  It was my first time ever seeing a hummingbird sitting still. They are so very, very tiny!
Calla lily at the mission

The original structure

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Even more ADV riders sketches - "From Estonia..."

A couple more sketches from the photos of the ADV riders "From Estonia with love".
Reference photos for these sketches can be found on an amazing motorcycle ride report:  (Page 179) 

Strange evening

I looked up from my seat, and saw this man with binoculars
looking in my direction. What bothered me, was the fact that
we were in a small bar. Pretty sure he didn't need them
to see across the room!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yamaha painting

This is a recent commissioned work, done for a Yamaha owner. 
It was a lot of fun to try this, and decide how much detail to leave in. 
It's not a very good scan, as I was eager to get this sent out to him. 
For his original photo and a better view of this click on this ride report:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Soap Studio Brookside marketing

My great friend Maria, makes wonderful soaps!  But that's not all, 
she also makes perfumes, lip balm, and teaches classes on 
how to make your own all natural soaps.
Her advertising was in need of an update, so another friend and I stepped in to help.
Here are the results of our combined efforts, done just in time for her display at a 
 Cabin Fever event - vending locally produced art at the 
Binghamton University Downtown Center 10am - 4pm Saturday, March 2.