Friday, March 1, 2013

Soap Studio Brookside marketing

My great friend Maria, makes wonderful soaps!  But that's not all, 
she also makes perfumes, lip balm, and teaches classes on 
how to make your own all natural soaps.
Her advertising was in need of an update, so another friend and I stepped in to help.
Here are the results of our combined efforts, done just in time for her display at a 
 Cabin Fever event - vending locally produced art at the 
Binghamton University Downtown Center 10am - 4pm Saturday, March 2.




Claire M said...

Awesome collaboration! What fun to work together!!

Claire M said...

I was thinking more about your post tonight, and thinking how much your small simple sketches added to these labels. Sometimes I'm paralyzed (for lack of a better word) now know what I want to do for a 'whole page' in my sketchbook ... Your small sketches made me think I shouldn't "think" so much -- just dive in and take a 'bite' as big as you can for the moment. Hope my rambling makes sense.

lee kline said...

Those packages look so nice. The art compliments the products nicely. Well done!

ArtbyBernadette said...

Thanks Claire! We each fed off each other's ideas, it really worked well. It's not necessary to wait for the perfect moment or subject. I've found that sketching can have pretty good results when I'm not so focused on the outcome.

ArtbyBernadette said...

Thanks Lee! I had great input and suggestions which gave me that push I needed to get this done!