Sunday, June 2, 2013

Picked it up today!

It's definitely for me!
First look at the new ride.

Bringing it home!
A new (to me) 2006 Vespa 200L Granturismo in Positano Green! It's actually another Italian city green, but I just returned from a trip to Positano, so there! My awesome neighbor will change the oil and putz with it to make sure it runs good.
Foster home for now
(Until I clean out a spot in my garage!)

I look forward to sketching & scooting!
I will also be more involved with some online biking sites, ADV Riders being one of them:  ADV Riders 
And soon:


TerryM said...


Claire M said...

Awesome! How exciting and you look so happy on it. I can't wait to see your sketch of it!!

ArtbyBernadette said...

Thanks Terry!
Thank you Claire!